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Firstly the shot is used to start [Ozymandias] in the flashback when Skyler is packing away the clown she sold.

The shot itself holds so much meaning because of the phone placed right next to the knives. It shows how much different Skyler is and how strong she’s become. Instead of calling for help (reaching for the phone) she reaches for a knife to defend herself and her family from the monster Walt has become.

Interestingly enough, the knife she grabs is the same knife Walt puts away in Season 2, Episode 1 “Seven Thirty-Seven”. [x]

Jamie and Claire laughing on their wedding night


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"Remember this moment. ‘Cause you’re gonna regret it. Toodles."

remember, don’t chase the rabbit.

@jesseleesoffer: Stogies? Why not. Fun day working with @pjflueger also known as Patrick John to the Fluegs aka pâté de foie gras #chicagopd #knicknames #ruzek #cigar #stogies

@jesseleesofferStogies? Why not. Fun day working with @pjflueger also known as Patrick John to the Fluegs aka pâté de foie gras #chicagopd #knicknames #ruzek #cigar #stogies

"You’ve got six people in a fountain at 4:00 in the morning, who are about to embark on a journey, and they just have no idea what’s in store for them.”Matthew Perry

—- September 22nd, 1994 —-


favourite band of brothers characters

"[Renee] cheerfully accepted the Herculean task and worked without adequate rest or food […] changed dressings, fed patients unable to feed themselves, gave out medications, bathed and made the patients more comfortable […] her very presence among those wounded men seem to be an inspiration to those whose morale had declined from prolonged suffering.”

What piqued Miller’s interest was how “understanding” and “helpful” Sherlock was, traits the actor believes were rarely communicated. “In the books, I found him to be a much more understanding guy. I feel that he really likes people a little bit more than I had seen recently — not that he can necessarily communicate that very well. He likes the underdog, and he likes people who are downtrodden, who are having a hard time. He generally wants to help. I found him to be a much more helpful person, so I tried to put a bit of that in, even though he doesn’t quite pull it off.” [x]

In reaction to this public embarrassment for Veronica, a fight breaks out.

A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?”